Spend $30 at IGA and save 4 cents per litre at Vibe Petroleum.


  • Shop at IGA or Supa IGA supermarket, to become be eligible for a discount off the standard purchase price of fuel at all Vibe Petroleum service stations. The discount will only be available if you spend the “qualifying amount” in one transaction at any participating IGA or Supa IGA supermarket in Western Australia. Purchases of tobacco, tobacco related products and liquor will not be included in determining whether the qualifying amount has been reached. The qualifying amount may vary from time to time and IGA reserves the right to exclude some non-core grocery items for the qualifying amount calculation.
  • The fuel discount offer is available at all Vibe Petroleum service stations.
  • The fuel discount amount will be printed on your IGA or Supa IGA receipt (“fuel discount voucher”). The fuel discount will be available for a period of one month from the date of issue of the fuel discount voucher.
  • To receive the discount you must present a fuel voucher that shows the store name or store number of the issuing supermarket to the cashier at a participating Vibe service station prior to the voucher expiry date.
  • One fuel discount voucher entitles you to a discount off the pump price of fuel (any grades), diesel or LPG, in one transaction for:
    • One fuel type for one vehicle up to a maximum of 120 litres; or
    • Two fuel types for one vehicle up to a combined maximum of 120 litres.
    • The fuel discount is not available for container use.
  • Fuel discount vouchers that are damaged, defaced, altered, do not show either the store name or store number of the issuing supermarket or have passed their printed expiry date are not valid for the fuel discount offer.
  • The fuel discount offer IS available in conjunction with the Country Age Pension Fuel Card.
  • The fuel discount offer is NOT available in conjunction with Fleet Card, Motor Charge, Motor Pass or Oil Company card purchases, or in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.
  • See the IGA website for full details: www.iga.com.au
  • IGA may suspend or terminate the fuel discount offer, or change the terms and conditions of the fuel discount offer, from time to time at its discretion.


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